New records

So I went to this record fair in Utrecht and dug up this:

  • Acid in da house: Strobe Jams Vol. III
  • A record I first found on the first CD I ever bought: This is Ska (Skacid). I heard it on Deep Heat.
  • And this one we all know from Turn up the bass vol. 1. Amnesia – Ibiza On another label as the link – the great european acid version though!
  • Finally away from the wish-list: Bomb The Bass – 10 Seconds to TerminateA great acid stomper – the A side was the commercial crap, but this B side is great!
  • A nice bones-breaks like record from this label. I found one bones-breaks record that was 40 euros, this one was only 8 🙂
  • Of course also a Todd Terry production: Caped Crusaders – To The Batmobile – Let’s GO!
  • I was looking for Aly Us – Follow me and found a whole Strictly Rhythm Compilation including that track. Nice for 8 Euros!
  • A Rachmad production: Tons of Tones on Urban Sound of Amsterdam
  • A Silly old Robin S club-hit
  • Oliver LIeb Acid on: Azid Force
  • Some classic Detroit shiel, Nude Phote. I must say I did not see a lot of old Detroit stuff except +8.
  • A record from Dimitri called Waitress of an open mind. I also found out that the current price of Alice D. in WOnderland on B.e.S.T. is…. 75 Euro!! WTF!
  • A Wonka + record which is not in the database: Ralphie Dee’s stuff.
  • A record from N-Joi called The Void.

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  1. Acieed Ed

    Check out this guy in Belgium when you are there:

    August Reyerslaan 38
    3200 Aarschot

    0477 645624

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