Jabber and IM

You probably never saw a nice looking Jabber client on the Windows Platform.

Check out the RhymBox. It looks great and works like a charm. It supports SSL (yeah!) and when your Jabberserver has some transports installed you can very easily use MSN, ICQ or whatever legacy system you have been using.

And, if you do not have a Jabber server, you can use RhymBox’s own Jabber server which has support for some other protocols built in already. Pretty friendly of them.

So – we have a choice now at least between booting the iBook and running Nitro or going for the Windows XP machine.

See you on Jabber!

UPDATE: The friendly Belgium guys developing Rhymbox have been cheated by some business assholes from the US. So if you wanna check their client out you should now point your browser to Pandion!

  1. Acieed Ed

    Hmm, now with all that news around the web that MSN will start asking money from everyone who wants to use that protocol I am afraid this particular protocol might disappear from the Jabber servers

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