Djax Records mix

I said I would maybe create a Djax mix, and have now more or less randomly taken some records from my Djax collection and put them together in a mix. Not pretty, but fun to do!

Stream or Download this mix.

Mix removed: lack of disk space

  1. distorientation

    I also think it’s good fun to just put some records together without thinking too much of how it sounds. Somehow you can hear such fun back in the end result, even when it’s not perfect.
    It only seems as if it’s recorded really softly, that doesn’t seem too appropriate…

  2. Acieed Ed

    Yes – I have a new sound input device for my iBook but apparently it sucks (and its a f!@#$king M-Audio)! I will try my good old iMic next time! What will it be – a new acid set (oldschool) or a Ragga-Jungle mix???

    I don;t know yet – although I have an exchange with Bong Selecta planned, so someday I have to do this Ragga thing again


  3. Acieed Ed

    I wonder who gets a notification if a comment is made on a post!

  4. Distorientation

    I don’t, except when it’s made on one of my own contributions.

  5. Mars

    Jammer dat het slechts 64 kbs is……
    Volgende x graag minimaal 128 please…..

  6. AED

    minimaal? Dat levert een beetje bandbreeadte problemen op helaas

  7. r@mirez

    You may say it is badly mixed. For some transitions that may be true, but most of them are actually done very well! Really enjoyed some of the trax, there were some I did not know! I did find most trax quite good. As a mix, I would look forward to similar work. Love the Oldschool Techno, have shiploads of similar mixes butthey are all on casette tape (recorded at the time from illegal radiostations).
    Comment beter laat dan nooit 😉 mr. x-mix

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