Dr. Nutcracker returns !!!

(Some self promo taken from the courthouse.nl website)
“Known for interviewing artists like Arne Weinberg, Daniel Wang, Fabrice Lig, John Arnold, Koert Notario, Larry Heard and many others, now started providing input for Aciddome.com, Detroit Metrotimes, ao. will return for another inspiring night…
After well over two years of silence Dr. Nutcracker hooks up with Moret again, since they quit their residential Night in Panama, bringing us a duo DJ set of four hours of the roots of deep House, Soul, Funk, Disco and Jazzfusion at Taverne, Bergen (of all places) on Friday night July 2nd.”

  1. m

    Nutcracker interviewing die Notario??? jesus, dat zou een diepgaand gesprek moeten zijn geweest!

  2. AED

    Split Personality Syndrome?

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