New Detroit House discovery: Reggie Dokes

The first time I heard of Reggie Dokes when I was sitting in the car of a UR soldier and stood on a demo CD in front of my seat. It was a shady Detroit compilation including all kinds of Detroit House producers, plus an enormous grindy Reggie Dokes track, a bit reminiscence to The Oliverwho Project’s first two twelves. And with grindy I mean, like you’re listening to adusty and yet undiscovered ol’ Trax recording (think of Theo Parrish’s release “China trax” by Leron Carson).
Here’s the deal… Reggie Dokes has a label called Psychostasia, which is relativily new to most of us, and released a real nice sampler feat. fresh Detroit woman-on-wax DJ Genesis. But out now is his stunning deep Detroit House CD album “The Afromation” backed by a dose of Mo’ Soul and African percussion, which is essential to all true House fans.
For those who don’t like CD’s or don’t have a CD player at all, new twelve is out called The Kemetic EP”. Don’t you miss it!


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    leuk groovje die Mafaa shiel!

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