The label JTH Records Stands for “Jackin’ The House”. And that is just what they do.

They released two lovely compilation albums with some of the finest early house releases. One of the nice things about it is that the tracks have been remastered and sound super clear and crisp. According to one reviewer even better then the originals. To me it seems also like some of the tracks sound better then I have ever heard them before.

Volume 1 includes among others the great 151 by Armando, a slow acid track with lots of great 303 tweaking. Also a nice one is the “Martin Luther King” version of “Can you feel it” by Mr Fingers. There are a lot of versions of this track , but I never heard this one before.

Volume 2 contains the biggest surprise, the “vocal” version of “Land of Confusion” by Armando!! This track is assumed to be released only on DOT1 (the bubble record), but in fact it now appears on other vinyl releases as well. The more the better! “Searched the world all over, Looking for a sound…”. Something is wrong in the tracklist though, “Your Only Friend” by Phuture is not on it. Too bad, but the other tracks make up for this omission bigtime!

I wonder if and hope that a Volume Three will come out with this track – I never heard a good mastering or pressing of it.