Todd Osborne – Bout ready to Jak Remixes

This record just came in…
Todd Osborne is a rising talent from the Detroit area. Just celebrated his birthday party in a local neighborhood bar and now back on Spectral Sounds, the little brother of the ‘white trash’ Ghostly Intl label of Sammy Valenti.
The twelve inch includes remixes by Shake aka Anthony Shakir (Frictional), Matthew Dear (+8, Perlon), Hieroglyphic Being and TNT aka Todd Osborne & Tadd Mullinix…

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  1. Acieed Ed

    Todd is a great guy with may appearances… Check this quote form the
    Soundmurderer is the alias of Detroit’s Todd Osborn, guru of the ragga-jungle style of drum-and-bass that’s been finding more exposure through the mashup mixes of DJ /rupture. Wired for Sound paints ragga-jungle as a recreation of the Jamaican dubplate phenomenon, modernized with tight jungle rhythms for the soundsystem parties of today.

    There you go – He does it all!!

  2. Acieed Ed

    And of course a warm welcome to Koert from Courthouse Int’l Audio for his first post here!!

  3. m

    hey Koert!!! ouwe rupsar, jij ook hier?, wassup man?

  4. m

    en natuurlijk welkom!!! 😉

  5. Koert

    Hellyeah! Let’s make that good ol’ Bruine planeet awake and mo’ of that isshhhtt… Anyone claims to be Electro nowadays, but it’s all about the freedom in music and especially, not the style and certainly not the rules created by the high pace consumer. So Acieed… check that M-D-Emm again!

  6. ZoRQ


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