Emzetter live in Calantsoog

ceesa.jpgAfter the succesvolle back-to-back dj-set with AED on the vrijgezellenfeest another performance bij MZR. This time on a secret (?) location somewhere on the beach of Noord-holland. He will playand tweak live some tracks he made 2 years ago after moving to Amsterdam and realizing that he didnt have cable-tv in his house (this while it was the time of jumping people from not-anymore-existent buildings and to much bushes on tv).
Anyway go check that ish and bring your girlfriends and your university proffesors too because it will be high intelectual with a flirt to m’s influences from techno, elektro, minimal classical and jazz…

  1. Acieed Ed

    Also don;t forget to put on your coltrui and bring your pipe – it really fits the intellectualness of this performance. We can’t wait!!!

    Cigars are also allowed of course.

  2. aed

    Where is teh aduio stream?

  3. m

    binnekort een livemixje online…
    nog ff geduld

    vlgnde keer makkelijker lokatie maar we houden m erin…


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