Frederic Galliano and the African Divas

The release of the F-com album Frederic Galliano and the African Divas in 2002 was a start for a big campagne. Frederic travelled together with three diva’s, a percussionist and an african guitarist throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. Their shows were superb because of an excellent combination of house music, african vocals and instruments, dancing and just celebrating. The pleasure of the musicians could be picked up easily by the audience. It didn’t bother the artists if the performance took place at a big Jazz fetival (Montreux, Nancy) either a small cultural venue (Rasa Utrecht).


The divas in particular seem to enjoy theirselves that much that they just can’t resist dancing and jumping around stage. The divas dancing, singing and their appearance in general easily tackles the gap where lots of electronic musicians have to deal with when they perform live.

The F-com label decided to release a live recording too. It should be available at your local recordstore from now on. I’m afraid the recording can’t compete with a real live performance, that’s why I’ll visit Galliano and the Divas next week for the 3rd time, Brussels is the place to be…


  1. De Kardinaal

    fyi: the biggest part of Sacré Live has been recorded in Rasa, Utrecht!

  2. JJ Park

    Fyi: FG and his divas were already one (or wa it two) year ago performing at Haarlem Jazz Festival… A bit dissapointing! 🙁

  3. De Kardinaal

    I was there too, indeed the audience didn’t really catch the sound. Galliano had to deal with some technical problems, because of that musically not a succes. But i feel that despite these problems their performance in general was very impressive.

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