State of The Art – Automatic (Inform)

A Automatic
B Manufactured Shit

Bought a brand new electro record, and it’s not even from the clone camp, very unusual for me these days! Produced by Wayward Soul & Buckfunk 3000, this is a real breath of fresh air in the electro scene in my opinion.

Automatic has beats that sound like a melting of electro and drum ‘n bass. Nevertheless the emphasis lies on the melodies here. The beats are fast, and so are the changes in melodic content, with new ones in and out, layered on top of each other and the occasional tone raise here and there. The overall mood of the track is quite light, it simply sounds much brighter than most electro does these days.

Manufactured shit starts mysteriously, but turns out to be not as harsh as the title might suggest. In fact it’s quite relaxing, with a very early 1990’s feeling around the melodies. The track doesn’t seem to have a clear destination, but just flows naturally like a river, dragging new melodies along for a while and losing them a while further.

Overall the record sounds very refreshing. And it’s always good to hear some people are not going with the current, no doom & gloom, no sexual connotations and no eighties influences. Only the robotic voices are a bit clich’, but such a tiny detail cannot spoil a great record.