Gathering Momentum – oldest Acieed Ed mix available

This is probably as old as it gets for me. Unless I find some tapes that I recorded from Ferry Maat’s Soul Show. This is my first complete mix ever, recorded when I was still in high school with nothing more then one record player sans pitch and a cd player. I did have a small mixing device with two channels and a double casette deck. This tape was played a lot in the lunch brake on school in the so-called koffiebar.

I had to borrow some records from someone (Frank) because I didn’t have enough music myself to switch between CD and records all the time. Lots of Go Bang! and R&S material.

Years later I met Frank again somewhere, and it turned out he kept all records on his attic and never listened to them again! I offered to buy them from him, but he didn’t take the bait. Too bad!

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The tracklist is not accurate, but you get the idea 🙂

Quadrophonia – Man w/ the masterplan
D-Shake – Techno Trance ?
B-Sides – Compression
some Eon Track?
B-Sides – The Tape ?
Intellectual Harmonious Sanction – Drift and Dream
Two Without Hats Try Yazz / Esta Loca
GTO – Pure (Battle of the Basses)
Eon – Something Stronger (Infinity Mix)

Liasons D. – Future FJP
Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia
Homeboy, Hippie & Dredd – Total Confusion
Turntable Hype – I’ll Bass You
Eon – Inner Mind
Detroit Track (new dance sound of..)
Some Go Bang! thing
Looney Tunes – Another place another time
B-Sides – ?
Intellectual Harmonious Sanction – Save The Wales ?
Detroit Track (new dance sound of..)
D-Shake – Yaaaaah (or Techno Trance)