Spiral Tribe Mix from old tape

The legendary Spiral Tribe – we have to believe. It is an old tape from, I guess, around 1994 (could be 1993 if you look at some of the tracks). It is called “United Forces of Tekkno”, but the sound is more Acid then Tekkno if you compare it with todays standards.

Some trax on it I believe are:

  • Neuro: Mama
  • Vainqueur: Lyot (Maurizio Mix)
  • Lunatic Asylum: The Meltdown

Maybe we can make the tracklist complete like with the Dearborn mix.

download or stream

  1. niek

    Good stuff. There were a couple of familiar ones, but I can’t remember names or artists, except for Lyot and Mama. Especially the second last one is bugging me, I’m pretty sure I have it on vinyl .

  2. niek

    That’s not the one I meant. I’m talking about the one straight after Lyot, the banging acid track.

  3. niek

    I finally found it! I could’ve broekn my head over it for ages without figuring out which track it is, cos I didn’t know. It’s on a tape recording I once got in highschool of the hypnotrance compilation. It’s the sixth track on the tape, so it’s probably Cyclo S9 feat. Search & Destroy. – The Masterplan.

  4. Oldskool

    Hijs lekker hoor, heb hem toegevoegd op de site !

    Greetinx Oldskool, nearby Rotterdam

  5. acidboxblues

    nice got lots of spiral stuff good to have more..
    simon (cyrstal distortion) is releasing a lot of new stuff RawRip.com

  6. test

    the best tracks there (3 and 4) are:
    Acrid Abeyance – Minimalistic
    The Martian – Stardancer

  7. bimble

    Brings back all the memories of squatting at the central in Leiden,Holland and going to the free parties circa 92 to 94.Sweet!!

  8. dorf

    memories r made of dis

  9. Dave

    oi oi
    im obsessed with spiral have been for years. they were before my time but i grew up in uk going to free parties from about 98 (im only 24)….spiral tribe are one of my biggest inspirations, musically and in loadsof other ways…..
    ive only ever got my hands on one mix by someone from them no idea who and its only 40 mins long but fuck its makes me wanna go home haha…….
    if anyones got any links to more spiral stuff or related stuff from that time hit me up pleeeeese!!
    deprived of realt techno been living in sydney too long!

  10. Dica


    add for traklist:

    (there’s no Lunatic Asylum – Meltdown in it)


    Cheerz, Dica

  11. matt sonic

    For loadsa spiral stuff (even some free bits) also try http://www.creationforge.com

    everything here is related to the scene but for specific spiral have a look at: 69db, crystal distortion, ixindamix, r-zac, pro cheese two.

    There are some rare old spiral tunes on here

  12. bimble

    Heres a link to a more recent mix which imo ain’t nothing compared to the early techno mixes: http://tinyurl.com/blogu4

    The early mixes were ground breaking and defined an era that has gone for ever.I was at Letchlade,white goddess,castlemorten,flimwell,chobham common,roundhouse and a few more,and then caught up with them in Holland after they left the UK.Hardcore got played on their rig as it was the rave music at the time,but for me it was all about the techno.Bedlam also deserve a mention for carrying the flag,another mighty fine rig………….lolz

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