Street Art in the News

Check out the Dutch newspaper Trouw for an article on the emergence of more and more street-art. There is also an exposition in Rotterdam and some sites. Don’t believe the hype! Read it.

New MZR Music

Check it out! According to the man himself: “De meeste geluiden die ik heb gebruikt heb ik opgenomen in Korea vorig jaar. Alleen de beats in dit geval niet die zijn elektronisch…”

Some Science – Falling Cats

If a person falls from any storey of a building, then broken limbs are likely to be the best possible outcome. Yet cats seem to get away with such tumbles relatively unscathed. Weirdly, they can…

Kraftwerk- Tour de France

Volgens Cyclingnews: Germany’s electronic music pioneer Kraftwerk will release an updated version of its classic song “Tour de France” in honour of the race’s centenary. Originally released in 1983, Kraftwerk’s Tour de France remains a…

Street-new-beat art

Hmm, I discoverd something unnerving last week. It might have something to do with street-art (afaik). Click the image to see what happened!

Comtron Electro Shiel

From our great friend V-Man, check out the Comtron release. You can buy it @ Nuloop or RushHour. Live performance on Independence Day: 4th of July, 22:00 hours Location: Haarlem, Het Oliehuis Organization: Headroom Also:…


There will be a new Quentin Tarrantino flick end of this year. Most interesting to see how the sword fighting is. Hope to be able to tell you after a few more lessons I am…

Humanoid Acid Revival

After re-releasing the old Caustic Window acid-violence, Rephlex has now surpassed itself in re-issuing obscure Acid with this: Humanoid – Sessions 84-88 Stakker- Eurotechno Grab a copy while you can. Click on the links to…

Classic Parties in May

(edited post to update image and date) Classic house parties are abundant these days, which is a good thing of course. Also in Utrecht, in June: Acid Vitamin @ Symposium, June 14 ===== 24 May,…

Acid Parties in Hi-Lo Country

14/06 Take the trip called Acid (90-93) Michel/Riecko en Mathieu (HLT) 21/06 Darkforce…The Acid experience Michel/Darkforce (live) In your favourite venue: BukBuk 🙂 Thanks Cardinal for the tip!