we got acid in da house

Emzetter – New subscriber

Yes, A new subscriber on Acidnet… Emzetter!!! From now on I will post also some interesting and less interesting stuff on the allmighty Acidnet!.

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Dance Record Fair

Dance Records & dj-Equipment Fair The hunt for the black gold. Datum: zondag 20 april 2003 Tijd: 12.00 ? 18.00 uur Entree: ? 5.

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New records

So I went to this record fair in Utrecht and dug up this: Acid in da house: Strobe Jams Vol. III A record I.

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The power of physical goods

Nice one mate: MP3’s are boring. You can’t touch them. You can’t feel them. There’s no sleeve. There’s no art work. You can’t show.

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Acid in da house

We got Acid in da house Acid in da house Acid situation don’t need no explanation We are the ACID GENERATION As usual –.

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