HLT 1999 New Year’s Mix

An old tape which includes a mix form new years eve 1999. It has a special intro created by Acieed Ed & MZR wishing all of you a happy new year. download or stream. Tracklist…

tvoh mix

A new mix with a lot of vocal house and some older stuff at the end (including Kraftwerk and Frankie Goes To Hollywood). download or stream.

Old mixtape: Space House

As previously mentioned, we used to have sunday morning mix sessions @ Klup 82 (wis en waarachtig). This is one of those tapes. It is called Space House; don’t ask me why. It sounds like…

Techno Mix November 2010

This is a Techno Mix with lots of Model 500, Blake Baxter etc. Inspired by the Biorhythm albums which were released 20 years ago. download or stream

HLT Flashback IV: HLT Crew goes Armani

This is an early recording from a quick R8 + TQ5 semi-live mash-up, which was inspired by the music from Robert Armani. Recorded @ Klup82 in 1993. HLT Crew – Armani 01 HLT Crew –…

HLT Flashback III: Acid Storm

During the winter of 1992 / ’93 we used to have Sunday mix sessions @ Klup82. In the ongoing series of HLT nostalgia, I proudly present the “Acid Storm” mix. This one was done by…

HLT Flashback II: HaHaHa

As promised something new which was found on an old USB stick. The HLT Anthem with the title: High Low Tekkno HaHaHaHa! Video no longer available

HLT Flashback I: Phantasy Zone

In a couple of posts, counting down (or up) to the HLT release launch party aciddome.com presents a series of HLT memorabilia. Today: Phantasy Zone’s SpaceLab II flyer