we got acid in da house

Kraftwerk- Tour de France

Volgens Cyclingnews: Germany’s electronic music pioneer Kraftwerk will release an updated version of its classic song “Tour de France” in honour of the race’s.


There will be a new Quentin Tarrantino flick end of this year. Most interesting to see how the sword fighting is. Hope to be.

Humanoid Acid Revival

After re-releasing the old Caustic Window acid-violence, Rephlex has now surpassed itself in re-issuing obscure Acid with this: Humanoid – Sessions 84-88 Stakker- Eurotechno.

Summer Dayz

Due to the nice wheather traffic on the AcidNet may be lower then usual. Perhaps the Kardinal can step in because he needs to.


Visited CourtHouse around the corner to score some vinyl. As always a nice visit with the guys over there being in an extremely good.