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Old School Acid Video

Check out the Evil Acid Baron Show which I found somewhere on the net. Funny to see how the video codec had some trouble encoding. Guess the images are a bit to freaky for it.

Acid Tape Tenerife 1988

A timewarp straight from 1988. Nice wheather, exotic atmospehere, happy hour and ACID! A tape donated by Robert James (the guy from the Acid Scooter), gives you some idea of the Acid state of affairs…

Distorientation – Easy Listening Mix

Another mix of mine for the Acidnet, this time somewhat easier, blending mainly house and neo-disco from the likes of Metro Area, Bastian and Putsch ’79. Download or Stream

Djax Records mix

I said I would maybe create a Djax mix, and have now more or less randomly taken some records from my Djax collection and put them together in a mix. Not pretty, but fun to…

Rewind Megamix

Monday morning – hard time waking up? Check out this mix with tracks from Soundmurderer and SK-1, the guys behind the Rewind Records label. I wrote about them before. Now a complete album has been…

Mike Dearborn Anno 1993

In 1993, Mike Dearborn visited the Netherlands and played a set on VPRO’s Dancing Zone – our favourite radio show at the time. I got a tape with Mike’s mix and a Mozart concerto on…

Aciddome & Beukhoven

Aciddome proudly presents a co-production with Beukhoven-Sloopwerken: Many thanks to the Bong Bros. for bringing us together!

Aciddome proudly presents: Beukhoven

Straight from the studio at 4711 – The Sound of DJ Unglefever Mixed and recorded by Beukhoven – Sloopwerken PLAY THAT DJ UNGLE FEVER SOUND! or Stream